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OmniGraffle is for creating precise, beautiful graphics: website wireframes, electrical systems, family trees and maps of software classes come to life on your iPad and iPhone in OmniGraffle. Professional artists and designers, casual data mappers and diagrammers: find your new napkin or scratchpad.

Design How You Like

Shape Recognition

Use your finger to quickly draw perfect shapes. Take it even further with Apple Pencil: pressure sensitivity, shading, and sketching. Keep fidelity when you need it, or ship off a rough draft to your client in a PDF.


Design your own stencils, or benefit from the generosity of others. Search inside the app with Stenciltown or elsewhere—stencils help you create documents even faster.

Vector Drawing

Everything you create in OmniGraffle is infinitely scalable—you can zoom in and resize with no loss in quality.

Smart Guides

Evenly space out objects—smart guides are visual and intuitive. Or, use Snap to Grid: you’ll see your objects snap to the major and minor grids you specify.

All the Extras

In OmniGraffle, your favorite features are easy to find and easier than ever to use.

At Your Fingertips

Add all the right elements to each and every document with friendly, understandable tools. Create shapes and lines, quickly cut and paste objects, and even non-destructively combine shapes.

Quick Diagramming

Family trees, org charts, and brainstorming have never been easier. Turn on Automatic Layout, start typing, and you’re practically done.

Doc Management

Manage your templates and recently opened documents easily with OmniGraffle’s Document Browser. Get a quick preview and create folders—just like you can in Finder.

File Sharing

Share your Graffles with others—even those on PCs—in a variety of file formats. PNG, PDF, and OmniOutliner are included in Standard, with Visio® available in Pro.

Work Your Way

Advanced Document Control

Pixel-perfect spacing, alignment, and sizing: design by the pixel, point, inch or mile. You can change your document’s scale at any time in the future, too.

Flexible Inspectors

In OmniGraffle, inspectors are key to working fast, and in v2 they’re smarter than ever—you’ll find just the right setting.


Save your best starting points for later—templates make for a strong foundation for quick, consistent Graffles.

Everything in Sync

Sync all of your Graffle files with all of your devices with OmniPresence. It’s a secure, free way to keep your documents in sync, built right in to OmniGraffle on iOS.

What’s in Pro for iOS

Pro features in OmniGraffle for iOS are an In-App Purchase and provide features that are suited specifically for folks that make a living designing or working with graphics.

Resolution Independence

When zoom is at 100%, match a screen pixel, Apple point, or PostScript point. All your design work will look the same on all of your displays.

Shared Layers

Draw once, share everywhere. Optionally toggle layers to appear on each canvas. Updates occur elsewhere automatically, of course.

Blending & Fill Patterns

Never again will you need to switch over to an image-editing app for a simple mask or blending filter. You’ll find dead simple effects and filters right inside OmniGraffle.

Visio Support

Have a Microsoft Visio® document or stencil you need to work on? Import nearly all Visio® formats, or export a Graffle file as Visio® XML to share with Windows® users.

Object Properties

Store key:value pairs, insert links, or add notes to any object.

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