Updates for Inside OmniFocus

We mentioned Inside OmniFocus already in the OmniFocus 3 for iOS announcement, but it’s worth calling out again.

The purpose of the site is to help you get the most out of OmniFocus.

You can read stories by OmniFocus 3 users Rose Orchard, Scotty Jackson, and Eric Bowers. They talk about their personal workflows, and, hopefully, inspire you with some ideas.

You can also read articles on some of the new features: tags, interleaved Forecast, and the Forecast tag.

The site has an archive of stories written by OmniFocus 2 users. These still have a bunch of great ideas, even though they refer to an older version of the app.

We plan to post more articles written by us and by OmniFocus users. So — watch that space! And if you have requests for things you’d like covered on the site, email marketing@omnigroup.com.