OmniFocus 3 for iOS Released

We’re super-excited to announce that OmniFocus 3 for iOS is now shipping!

It’s free to download, and offers a two-week free trial. Go get it on the App Store!

Or learn more about it on the new product page, and then go get it on the App Store. :)

OmniFocus for iOS is now celebrating ten years on the App Store — it’s been there since day one, and we’ve been so proud to see it earn its status as the trusted to-do list app.

This major update is the result of two years of design and engineering work — much of it under the hood — to bring new features, better workflows and user experience, and even more reliability and safety.

At the same time, the app should still feel familiar to everyone who used OmniFocus 2. If you’re upgrading, you should feel right at home. This is very much by design.

We hope you’ll love OmniFocus 3 as much as we do!

What’s New

Watch the video:


  • Tags add a powerful additional organizing tool. Create tags for person, energy level, priority, location, and more.
  • Batch editing lets you set due dates, tags, and other data for multiple tasks all at once
  • Flexible inspectors allow you to show only the features you use, and reorder them so your favorites are where you want them
  • The Forecast view shows your tasks and calendar events in order, so you can better see what’s coming up in your day
  • Enhanced repeating tasks are easier than ever to set up — and they work with real-world examples such as the first weekday of the month

New in the Pro version:

  • The filtering rules in custom perspectives are simpler to use while being more powerful than ever, letting you combine rules with “all,” “any,” and “none.” You can also choose any image to use as your custom perspective’s icon, and a custom tint color to go with it.
  • Today’s Forecast can include items with a specific tag, and you can reorder those tasks however you choose, so you can plan your day better

There’s plenty more! Read the release notes for more details.

And check out Inside OmniFocus for new posts on some of the new features: tags, interleaved Forecast, and the Forecast Tag. We’ll keep updating the site as we get more content — to help you get the most out of OmniFocus.

Pricing, Discounts, and Upgrades

Standard and Pro editions are available via in-app purchase. Standard is $39.99, and Pro is $59.99. An upgrade from Standard to Pro is $19.99. (All prices quoted are for the US App Store.)

If you purchased OmniFocus for iOS in the past, then you get a 50% discount to the same edition (Standard or Pro) for OmniFocus 3 for iOS.

If you purchased OmniFocus 2 for iOS since our announcement last October, then you will get a free upgrade to the same edition.

Next Actions

We’re working on OmniFocus for Mac — hopefully in beta testing this summer — and on OmniFocus for the Web. At the same time, we’re continuing to work on enhancements, fixes, and new features for OmniFocus for iOS.

The OmniFocus train is a mighty good train. :)

On Syncing with the Mac Version

OmniFocus 3 for iOS syncs fine with the current Mac version. Make sure you’re using the latest version of OmniFocus 2 for Mac, and make sure you’ve migrated your database.

The Mac app doesn’t know about all the new features — for instance, the first tag is used as a context — but it continues to sync your data.


As always, our Support Humans are standing by, ready to help with you any questions!