The Omni Show: OmniFocus 3 for Mac: Launch Day, New Design

In this special episode of The Omni Show we celebrate the launch of OmniFocus 3 for Mac — today! — and we talk to Ken Case, Dave Messent, and Joel Page about the new design. Joel is a User Experience Designer, and this is his first time on the show.

The new design changed a lot from the early concepts to the design that shipped — which is not at all unusual, and it goes to how much thought and care we put into this work. We talk about the early ideas, and we go over various areas of the app and talk about how they changed and why.

And remember: you can read the episode if you’re not the podcast-listening type. We always provide a transcript.

We think this is one of our best episodes of The Omni Show yet, and we hope you enjoy it!