The Omni Show: How Carson Whitsett Uses OmniGraffle

How Carson Whitsett Uses OmniGraffle

In this episode of The Omni Show, we chat with Carson Whitsett, a multifaceted software developer and the brain behind MacBrickout, the famous ball and paddle game. Carson, who runs Ditty Labs, shares from his vast experience in software and firmware programming plus hardware engineering, including work on medical devices, printers, machine vision technology and mobile app development. He recounts his journey from fixing electronics at a music store to becoming an expert in iOS app development, contributing to notable projects like the Dexcom ONE app and the GoPro subscription service.

Carson discusses how OmniGraffle has proved instrumental in his workflow, particularly in organizing app development processes, and shares his views on the changing landscape of software development in the age of AI.

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