Today we’re joined by Jimmy Little, a senior digital streaming product manager.  Jimmy returns to share the latest iteration of his productivity system and how various elements have changed since he last joined us in 2021.

Get ready to meet Brian Wright, the fractional chief communications officer who's making a significant impact for late-startup and early growth companies. With over twenty different roles and a myriad of tasks to juggle, Brian has found a valuable advantage with OmniFocus.

Today, Andy Bliss joins us to share his insights on how he utilizes OmniFocus to supercharge his work as a performing artist and musician's coach. With a background in both the arts and technology, Andy knows a thing or two about the intersection between creativity and efficiency.

Today, Mikell Taylor joins us to talk about OmniPlan. She is a long-time robotics geek focused on making robots that are useful and practical. She's honed her specialized expertise working with companies like BlueFin Robotics and Rethink Robotics. Today, she’s the Principal Technical Program Manager at Amazon Robotics, where OmniPlan helps her bring order to chaos and ensure positive outcomes for her team.

Today, we chat with Robby Burns. Robby’s a music educator, freelance percussionist, and technology specialist residing Ellicot City, Maryland. He’s the author of "Digital Organization Tips for Music Teachers," published by Oxford University Press. He speaks about music, education, and technology on his podcast Music Ed Tech Talk.

Today, we’re joined by Randy J. Hunt, who knows a thing or two about design and productivity. Randy’s served as head of Design at Grab, Head of Design at Artsy, VP of Design for Etsy, and the author of Product Design for the Web.  He’s currently the Chief Product Officer at Morning, a Coffee Tech Company.

Today, we talk with Frank Denneman. Frank works for VMWare as the Chief Technologist in the CTO’s office of their Cloud Infrastructure Business Group. He's the author of multiple books, including “vSphere 6.5 Host Technical Deep Dive” and the “vSphere Clustering Technical Deep Dive” series.

It's probably no surprise that writing software is a somewhat difficult task. There's an unfathomable amount of iteration and detective work that goes into creating a product that feels intuitive for the new user, yet familiar to the ardent fan. Surprisingly, the art of crafting effective software documentation demands some of the exact same iteration and detective skills. Inserting helpful guidance at just the right point in the user conversation (without over-explaining) can be a tricky dance.

On today’s show, we’re talking with Kaitlin Salzke. Kaitlin’s a tax accountant, mother, and computer science student who just happens to be in the middle of a big move (all while coding Omni Automation Plug-Ins for OmniFocus in her *spare* time!)