Styling is here in OmniFocus 2.5 for Mac!

Today we’ve released OmniFocus 2.5 for Mac—a fresh new release with a few big things.

OmniFocus Styles

In OmniFocus Preferences you’ll see a brand new pane: Style. Inside are both font collections and color palettes. Along with the ability to create your own styles, we’ve included some good-looking pre-made sets.

Under color palettes we’ve included two: OmniFocus Light and OmniFocus Dark. OmniFocus Light is what you’re used to already, while OmniFocus Dark is brand new. We spent quite a bit of time tweaking colors for readability and comfort (at night, especially!).

If you’re wanting to create your own color palette or font collection, check out this support article for more about what’s involved. Be aware! There are a lot of colors involved—it might be a productivity-breaker!

Fixes, sync, and more

Also of note:

  • OmniPlan 3 clipping is here!
  • Default calendar app preferences are respected
  • TextExpander fill-in snippets are working in the sidebar

We’ve also made a number of improvements to situations that might stomp over edits that you didn’t finish making. Say, for example, OmniFocus wanted to pull in sync changes to an action you were actively editing—we wait until you’re done.

Enjoy! Check for updates in the direct version or within the App Store app.