Stenciltown Gets an Upgrade

Today we’re launching the second update to Stenciltown, our free-forever repository of stencils for OmniGraffle.

Version one brought native search to both OmniGraffle for Mac and OmniGraffle for iOS and an easy way to discover new stencils on the web; version 2 adds a lot more.

Stenciltown 2 adds infrastructure for stencil creators to submit, bookmark, and update stencils—Grafflers can even submit stencils without ever leaving OmniGraffle for iOS and Mac.

So let’s say you’re working on a new stencil for an as-yet-unpublished templating framework. Everything is laid out to spec and you’re ready to share it with developers and UX designers on Day 1. You’ve even labelled each object because this stencil contains a lot of elements and people need to be able to search.

On Stenciltown: Select Submit from the top of the webpage, then go to work on the last few steps. Name your stencil and give it a short description, upload a germane preview image if you’d like, and that’s it.

In OmniGraffle: Open your Resource Browser, select a stencil, and then select Upload to Stenciltown from the Action menu (the little gear). You’ll log in (or create an account in Safari) and give it a title and description.

When ACME Framework goes big, anyone with a copy of OmniGraffle can search for “ACME”, “framework”, or “template” and have it installed in a click.

If you have suggestions on how we can improve Stenciltown, stencils you’d like to see created, or any questions about adding your own content, let us know!

As always: more to come!