Restarting Our Newsletter

The following is the introduction from our rising-from-the-ashes newsletter. Issue one just went out.


Hello, and cheers from Omni! After a bit of a hiatus (8 years!) our newsletter is back. It’s low-traffic — we expect to put one out a few times a year. It’ll be filled with all the usual content found in newsletters, like sneak peeks, maybe a feature or two, and news. And we’ll do our best to make sure the content is worth your time.

So instead of the product announcements we sometimes sent to this mailing list over the past few years (we forgot a few!), we’re switching to this new format. Keep watching our blog for more frequent, timely updates, or follow us on Twitter for all of our goings-on.

Continue reading the newsletter, and subscribe to get the next one.

Oh, and the other thing in the first newsletter? OmniFocus 2 for Mac is now in Public Test. Head to the product page to download.