Ready to go with iPad Pro

We’ve heard rumblings that this is the iPad for serious productivity, so we’re really looking forward to getting our hands on one. (Though we’ve found iPad to be productive for quite some time.) We don’t know firsthand how novel or different an iPad Pro is, but we’ve been excited for awhile now and have been making changes in our apps so that they shine on the new size!

Omni Apps Were Born Ready (as of last week)

Each of our apps, as of the latest updates released last Monday, support the new display size of the iPad Pro, and we’re very excited to introduce full hardware keyboard support in each! As with all applications that adopt keyboard support, simply hold the Command, Option, or Control key to see this sort of popup:

Hardware keyboard support popup in OmniGraffle on an iPad Pro

Chances are high that many of you do things repeatedly that we don’t—let us know if we missed a shortcut or two!

Introducing Automatic Shape Recognition in OmniGraffle for iOS

We’re extremely excited to show off shape recognition! Designed for Apple Pencil—but also available for the simple finger—shape recognition makes prototyping even faster. Sketch out a rough shape and OmniGraffle will figure out what you meant.

If the shape OmniGraffle recognizes is correct, continue on with your work! Or if you decide to go rustic after all, just hit Undo.

iPad Pro—tomorrow, November 11

We can hardly wait.

If you plan on using an iPad Pro in the next few months with any of our apps, let us know how it goes and what else you’d like to see!