Our Favorite Apps of 2014

This week Apple put out a few lists of their favorite apps of 2014. We’re so thrilled that a few of our apps made it—it really made our Monday.

Here are a few of our favorite apps that we used a lot in 2014.

Farmvi—just kidding.

Brian Covey - Support
Makes some of my crappy photographs look like non-crappy watercolors. Artistic talent simulator!

Brent Simmons - Developer
I’ve been blogging at inessential.com with MarsEdit since MarsEdit existed — in fact, my blog doesn’t have any other user interface, and I wouldn’t want one. It’s one of those workhorse apps that does its job every single time I ask, without surprises and without fuss. I rely on it without having to worry about how I rely on it.

David Messent - OmniFocus PM
Most of my favorite podcasts are recorded with a lot of attention paid to audio quality. For the ones that aren’t, Overcast’s Voice Boost feature makes listening much easier.

80 Days
Aaron Cherof - Support
It’s an interactive story-driven game inspired by the Jules Verne novel. Super captivating, and somehow manages to be completely different every time I play.

Prompt 2
Steve Schenk - Test
I’ve really been getting into Raspberry Pi—Prompt is perfect for logging in and fiddling from anywhere.

BBEdit 11
Chuck Toporek - Documentation
Hands-down, BBEdit FTW! I’ve used BBEdit for years and it has always been the most versatile app in my Dock. I use BBEdit daily for writing, editing, working on EPUBs, and more. It’s worth every damned penny. Plus Rich gives the best hugs. :)

Aeropress Timer
Andrew Burkhalter - Development
It quickly made my home screen and is now launched almost every day. I love the AeroPress art and simplified display of information when in timer mode. I also love that my 3 year old loves to watch the countdown and dictate the steps when we work together in the kitchen.

Orion Protonentis - Support
From cross-document search, to building complex workflows, no other iOS text editor approaches the power and scriptability of my favorite OS X editors — Editorial handles everything I throw at it, and asks for more.

And mine? That’d be Pinswift: Pinswift is a simple, useful, and delightful Pinboard client for both iPad and iPhone. And the iOS 8 extension works great.