OmniOutliner v4.4 Gains External Linked Folders

OmniOutliner v4.4—which rounds out El Capitan support across our entire Mac line—is available for direct customers starting…now. Available in the Mac App Store as soon as it’s approved.

You won’t see much of a difference—it’s one of those iceberg releases where the bulk is below the surface—but there are some Nice Things we’re really happy to get to you.

External Linked Folders

The Resource Browser brings in what OmniGraffle recently added: External Linked Folders. You can select a folder that lives anywhere on your Mac, like iCloud Drive or OmniPresence, and your Template collection will stay up-to-date from here on out.

Linked External Folder

Sidebar Tint

The one thing you may notice is a change in sidebar transparency. It’s now based on the whole document’s body background color with an opaque tint. We’ve had issues with translucency affecting readability of text, so we landed on this attractive fix!

We tested a wide range of colors to make sure even the most extreme look great, and we think they do! If you see any outliers that affect legibility, let us know.


OmniOutliner v4.4 also comes with improvements when exporting: Row links are converted to anchor tags when exporting to HTML and Dynamic HTML, and in OmniOutliner Pro, row links are converted to bookmarks when exporting to Microsoft Word’s docx format. (Essentially they’re identical, so a pretty handy feature!)

It’s a great release! If you don’t already have OmniOutliner 4, download yourself a copy. Full release notes here.