OmniGraffle 7.8 for Mac: Effortless Connections, Easy Layout

OmniGraffle 7.8 for Mac improves line routing, auto layout, keyboard editing, and the sidebar — which allows you to make beautiful and effective diagrams more easily than ever.

OmniGraffle’s orthogonal line routing algorithms have been thoroughly modernized to provide better routes, making the connections in your diagrams even easier to follow.

Auto layout is now animated, so you can easily see layout changes as they happen. Its calculations have been made faster, and they produce more reliable and predictable results.

You can now enable auto layout selectively, so it doesn’t move content — such as a header, footer, or logo — that isn’t connected with lines in your diagram. See the new “Connected Objects” option in the Diagram Layout inspector.

Pros — and fans of fast editing — will appreciate that keyboard editing has gotten better: we’ve fixed some bugs to maintain the selection when using the sidebar’s outline tab to build a diagram.

The left sidebar can now be resized to handle long titles and, for your big projects, very deep hierarchies. You can now quickly create diagram nodes by pasting text into the outline tab — each line becomes a new node.

Read the release notes for more details. If you haven’t tried OmniGraffle for Mac before, then today’s your day to get started with our 14-day free trial.

If you have run the trial version before, but didn’t buy — well, we have good news! We’ve reset the trial so you can try it again. This release is worth it. (This applies to copies downloaded from our website.)