OmniFocus for iPad now available on the App Store (hallelujah!)

Oh, you guys. I am so glad I don't have to start this post with anything other than this news:

OmniFocus for iPad is now available on the App Store.

It took longer than we anticipated to get here, and we're sorry for the frustration. Reminder note to selves: it's definitely hard to predict exactly how long it will take to design and build something no one has designed and built before. 

Our development and UI team deserve a huge amount of praise for the long hours they put into getting this release together. Thanks to the documentation folks and the video team for chasing a moving target in order to provide some how-to info on day one. Shout-out to Ken Case, who tried his best to keep you all in the loop on our progress, even when it became increasingly difficult to do so.

I hope you enjoy this app as much as we do. With the new task Forecasts, Map, built-in reviewing, and an entirely redesigned interface, I think there's a lot to love. But don't take my word for it: visit the OmniFocus for iPad website to learn about the features. Watch the overview video to see it in action.  And, of course, grab your own copy at the App Store

Thanks for hanging in there, folks. We're eagerly awaiting your feedback.