Optional OmniFocus Subscriptions Now Available

We assume that most people will prefer to purchase our apps with a single up-front payment, because we believe that’s the best long-term investment for most customers.

But as our CEO wrote when introducing our plans for optional OmniFocus subscriptions, there are some customers who have told us they would prefer to license our apps using subscriptions.

To that end, customers now have the option of purchasing an OmniFocus Subscription, which gets you…

  • OmniFocus Pro for iOS
  • OmniFocus Pro for Mac
  • OmniFocus for the Web

…for $9.99/month or for $99.99/year. With your Omni Account you can sync between all three apps.

The new subscription is available as an in-app purchase in OmniFocus for iOS (which is a free download).

Again, we assume that most people will prefer to purchase OmniFocus for iOS and for Mac up front, and that’s still the primary option.

But, for some people — particularly people who haven’t bought OmniFocus before — this new subscription may be preferable. But do remember that it’s an option: it’s up to you.

Also note that — coming soon — you’ll be able to purchase a separate subscription for OmniFocus for the Web, for $4.99/month. This will be best for people who’ve already bought OmniFocus for Mac or iOS (or both) and who want to add OmniFocus for the Web.

Also: see this support article on how to access OmniFocus for the Web.

As always, if you need any help, please email omnifocus@omnigroup.com, and our Support Humans will help you get up-and-running!