Omni Support Lab: one-on-one support at Omni on July 24th

A few years ago in San Francisco we put on an event called The OmniFocus Setup. We talked to twenty of our customers about how they were using OmniFocus and what they were having trouble with. It went well, and giving folks support face-to-face is also a great way to improve our software.

So, we’re doing it again up here in Seattle, and we’re expanding it to all of our apps! Can’t figure out a feature in OmniPlan? Bring your laptop. Question about styling in OmniOutliner for iOS? Bring your iPhone or iPad. Want a little more help with creating a Perspective in OmniFocus for iOS? You know what to do.

We’re scheduling our first Lab for July 24th—between 2 and 4 in the afternoon—with about the same number of people as before. If you’re not one of the first, we’ll save your name for next time. (And we’ll give you a call, too—we’ve offered phone support for nearly seven years now.)

Oh, and let us know where you’re coming from, too.


Our offices. 1000 Dexter Avenue North. We’re on the west side of South Lake Union.

When, again?

July 24th. 2-4 p.m.

What do I do, specifically?

Send us email! Let us know what you’ve got on your mind and we’ll find you a good person to talk to!

We hope to start doing this regularly, too. Stay tuned if you can’t make this one!