Macworld | iWorld 2012 this week — we’ll be there!

Macworld is almost here!

Join us, if you would, on January 26th, 27th, and 28th at booth 802. (There’s no need for a map; it’s extremely close to the Exhibit Hall entrance.)

We won’t beg, but we’d love to see long-time users, show our stuff to some new users, and give away some Pretty Cool Things we had made up.

This is actually our 12th straight attendance, but I’m calling this Number One, because Frakes. And Ihnatko! No big deal.

There’s always something worth checking out at Macworld — at the very least, follow along with our Instagram (omnigroup) feed or our posts on Twitter: @omnigroup. We’ll be posting awesome things throughout our stay which will all be newsworthy, I’m sure.

Also: OmniPlan for iPad previews and a quick presentation on Friday at noon!

Take a gander at our presentation lineup by heading over to our permanent Macworld page, or read ahead.

Lastly, if you know of a fantastical ramen or dumpling place we should check out while we’re in San Francisco, comment or email!

11:15OmniGraffle: Space Planning
12:00OmniOutliner: Building a Budget
1:15OmniGraphSketcher: Data Visualization
2:00OmniFocus: Weekly Review
2:45OmniOutliner: Crafting Classy Documents
3:15OmniGraffle: Basic Wireframing
4:00OmniFocus: Daily To Do List
10:30OmniOutliner: Crafting Classy Documents
11:00Ken Case Q&A
12:00OmniPlan for iPad: First Look!
1:15OmniGraffle: Basic Wireframing
2:00OmniOutliner: Building a Budget
2:45OmniFocus: The Basics
3:15OmniGraffle: Space Planning
4:00OmniFocus: Review
10:30OmniGraphSketcher: Data Visualization
11:00David Sparks
12:00OmniGraffle: Space Planning
1:15OmniFocus: The Basics
2:00OmniOutliner: Building a Budget
2:45OmniGraffle: Basic Wireframing
3:15OmniFocus: Review
4:00OmniOutliner: Crafting Classy Documents