Help the OmniGraffle Team By Sending Us Your Diagrams

OmniGraffle 7.8 for Mac is shaping up to be a great update for those who make diagrams in OmniGraffle. Check out the release notes to see some of the changes coming soon!

Do you have any example diagrams you can share with us?

We understand that OmniGraffle is important to your workflow and you may not be comfortable running a non-release build of OmniGraffle. To help us test that the transition will go smoothly, do you have some example diagrams you can send us so we can compare between 7.8 and earlier versions? Complex diagrams are great but we want the simple diagrams to look good too.

You can easily send us documents using the Contact Omni… option from the Help menu. There is even an option to “Convert all text to gibberish to protect any confidential information” since we are primarily interested in the line routing and layout of the document — just remember to click the Include Document button!

You can also send documents directly to

Thank you for your help!