Help the OmniGraffle Team By Sending Us Your Diagrams

by Dan Walker on May 29, 2018

OmniGraffle 7.8 for Mac is shaping up to be a great update for those who make diagrams in OmniGraffle. Check out the release notes to see some of the changes coming soon!

Do you have any example diagrams you can share with us?

We understand that OmniGraffle is important to your workflow and you may not be comfortable running a non-release build of OmniGraffle. To help us test that the transition will go smoothly, do you have some example diagrams you can send us so we can compare between 7.8 and earlier versions? Complex diagrams are great but we want the simple diagrams to look good too.

You can easily send us documents using the Contact Omni… option from the Help menu. There is even an option to “Convert all text to gibberish to protect any confidential information” since we are primarily interested in the line routing and layout of the document — just remember to click the Include Document button!

You can also send documents directly to

Thank you for your help!

Just released: Presenting with Artboards in OmniGraffle 7.3

by Dan Walker on March 27, 2017

With OmniGraffle 7.3, available now, we’ve added the ability to present your artboards in Presentation Mode. (Plus panning and zooming!)

OmniGraffle’s Presentation Mode has always allowed you to treat each canvas like a slide to showcase them full screen—now you can present individual artboards, too. Presenting your individual designs, isolated from your busy canvas with artboards, only show your content within each boundary shape and above it in your layer hierarchy.

To start a presentation, use the item in the View menu. When presenting, the up and down arrow keys move between canvases while the left and right arrow keys move between artboards. (And, of course, you can use both!) To help with navigation, we’ve simplified the sidebar to minimize accidental clicks—just move the cursor all the way to the left.

OmniGraffle fits your content to the presentation display by default, but in 7.3 you can zoom yourself using gestures, keyboard shortcuts, the View menu, and the zoom tool (hold z to activate). If you’d rather have your zooms defined and prepared ahead of time, try using an artboard. Create an artboard object around the specific area you want to have focus—OmniGraffle takes care of the rest. Your presentation begins with the whole canvas; when you’re ready to cycle through artboards, select it from the sidebar.

Check out the release notes for a full list of improvements—a lot of time went into this release! The next time you’re showcasing work to a client or revising it with a co-worker, OmniGraffle 7.3 with Artboard Presentation Mode is all set for it.

Presentation Mode GIF cycling through Artboards

OmniGraffle 7.2 for Mac adds Touch Bar support

by Dan Walker on November 10, 2016

Looking for apps that support the Touch Bar on your new MacBook Pro? Add OmniGraffle to your list!

OmniGraffle 7 is easier than ever to use, but at its heart are a lot of features. Apple’s new Touch Bar allows us to surface the most common tools used for the work you’re doing. For instance, you’ll see text controls when editing labels or manipulation controls when working with shapes.

Touch Bar state when nothing is selected

We think the Touch Bar provides a great opportunity to help people discover the app. Without anything selected on the canvas, the Touch Bar options are focused on adding content: add a shape, a stencil, or an image.

Touch Bar state when a shape is selected

When something is selected, the Touch Bar buttons follow along. You’ll get the most common actions for that type of object, something mechanical keys could never do. By default you’ll see fill and stroke controls, shapes, vertical and horizontal flip, rotate, bring to front and send to back.

Touch Bar state when choosing a color

Some controls take it a layer deeper and offer ways to interact with and adjust your content directly from the Touch Bar. The color controls allow you to slide your finger across the Touch Bar while watching the color change on screen. Tap the mini slider with the checkerboard (on the right) to expand the transparency slider and use you finger to dial in just the right effect.

Customizing the Touch Bar

Like Toolbar buttons, you can customize what controls you see in the Touch Bar. Look for “Customize Touch Bar…” in the View menu to drag in or remove buttons. Also like the Toolbar, controls are automatically disabled when they don’t apply and invert or swap actions when holding the option key.

OmniGraffle 7.2 with Touch Bar support is a free upgrade for existing OmniGraffle 7 users. If you don’t have a license yet, you can try OmniGraffle’s Touch Bar controls and all the other OmniGraffle features by downloading our free 14 day trial. We’re excited to see how OmniGraffle and the Touch Bar can work together to maximize your productivity!