Hello, OmniPlan 3

Today we’re happy and very proud to present OmniPlan 3 for Mac—the most advanced way to plan projects, manage resources, and impress bosses.

2015 brought a whole lot of major updates to our iOS and Mac apps, but this is the biggest release of the year: new, advanced features, a whole new style that looks great on El Capitan, and even an entry-level price for customers that don’t need Pro’s more complex features.

One of the new things we’re most proud of (and OmniPlan’s most requested feature) is the Multi-Project Dashboard. Add projects of a particular theme to a central, gorgeous view, and stay on top of progress and resource utilization. Think every company project, Quarter 4’s projects, or each module in the website redesign.

OmniPlan 3 also adds Network Diagrams for project flow and dependency work—a standard feature. In Pro: Earned Value Analysis—the best way to track spending or whether you’re actually earning value along the way, and Monte Carlo Simulation—milestone forecasting made easy.

As is always the case, upgrade discounts are available right now for anyone that purchased any version of OmniPlan in the past from our Online Store, and upgrades to Pro are discounted for anyone that purchased OmniPlan 2 from the Mac App Store.

OmniPlan starts at $149.99; Pro is available for $299.99. (On the Mac App Store, Pro will be available via In-App Purchase.)

Download OmniPlan 3 to try it out free for two weeks, and purchase today from our own Omni Store. OmniPlan 3 will also be available for purchase on the Mac App Store as soon as it finishes App Store review.

Larch needles are turning as gold as an iPhone 6s—we’d recommend you check those out if you live in the north.