From the absolute center of OmniPlan Kingdom, a tutorial update

Hello never-a-rescheduled-task folks!

We know everyone’s preparing for winter by scouring the area for tire chains (we live in Seattle, and snow isn’t our thing), but we have to let you know about our recently-finished OmniPlan tutorial videos. Kinda like Geordi La Forge has to increase efficiency in the warp core by 17%.

The set of Basic videos were published about a month ago, but the Advanced just recently went live.

The Advanced series includes an extremely simple explanation of Hammock Tasks — if you’re not using them yet, I’m sure you will after.

One more thing: we’re currently on OmniPlan 2.0.2 (release notes), and we’re very close to releasing another minor update for bug fixes.

As always, shoot us a tweet @omniplan or email support if you have any questions or concerns.