Customer Stories: Tim Stringer & OmniFocus

We receive a lot of emails and phone calls every day. Some asking for Feature X, others to report a bug. A fair amount, though, are stories from customers about how they use our applications. Each story leaves us feeling grateful to be in the business.

About a year ago, we decided to bring a few of these to video. We sincerely hope you’ll find them as inspiring as we do. More stories are in the pipeline, and we’re always wanting to hear more.

This story is about Tim Stringer and OmniFocus. In 2008, Tim Stringer’s daily schedule went from busy and productive to monofocused: heal. He was able to pick up a new habit during the process, though, and the outcome was—and remains—a very good one.

The story

Tim wrote more about how he uses OmniFocus. He shares much of what he’s learned through his company, Technically Simple, as an OmniFocus coach.

We talked to Tim in beautiful Vancouver, BC. Thanks to MacFanatic—especially the founders, Jani and Genevieve—for use of their space.