Coming Soon in OmniFocus 2.6 for iOS

Last week we pushed out OmniFocus for iOS v2.6 to our TestFlight gang—people that have signed up to check out new features in OmniFocus. (Check out, sure. But more importantly, help us find bugs and stuff!)

What’ve you added?” you’re asking, hopefully. Dark Palette, Push-triggered Sync, Swipe to Flag, and several fixes! I’m guessing it’ll make a lot of you happy.

Dark Palette in OmniFocus v2.6

Push-triggered sync will improve syncing on all devices—updating more frequently and all in the background. It’ll be available to all Omni Sync Server users.

…and even people running their own WebDAV server! For a lot of details, check out our support article.

It’s not too late to sign up to help test OmniFocus, if you’re wondering. You can do that on our OmniFocus TestFlight page. We’ll let you know when other apps are available to test, too.

Thanks to our current testers, and another thanks to Apple for making TestFlight available. The results are enormously helpful.