OmniFocus for iPhone arrives

by Ethan on July 10, 2008

The Omni Group is proud to announce the birth of a new bouncing baby app: OmniFocus for iPhone. Don't let its size fool you. It may fit in your pocket, but it's got all the same classy and nifty that you get with OmniFocus for Mac. For instance:

  • Full featured as a stand alone iPhone app, or…
  • Sync wirelessly with OmniFocus 1.1 on your Mac (via MobileMe or generic WebDAV)
  • Same powerful management of your projects, contexts and actions
  • Easy access to special lists such as Due Soon, Overdue, and Flagged

We figured that as long as we were building an iPhone app, we should take advantage of some of the neat stuff you can do on the phone. Here are some of the iPhone-only features that are shipping in the application right now:

  • Dynamic location-aware action lists: Let OmniFocus for iPhone put together a list of actions that can be accomplished near to your current location!
  • Photo capture: Save quick snapshots to your OmniFocus inbox. If you're using sync, these will show up in OmniFocus on your Mac.
  • Voice notes: Sometimes it's just faster to record a quick voice note to yourself.

There's more information and links to the App Store on the OmniFocus for iPhone page. Also, our very own Michaela has put together a great intro video for OmniFocus for iPhone. If you're curious about the application and would like to see more before purchasing, check it out now. It's a 26MB 15MB download so you might want to option-click that link to start it downloading rather than wait for the page to load it in fully.

OmniFocus for the iPhone snags an Apple Design Award!

by Ethan on June 12, 2008



(OmniFocus for iPhone approaches the podium, holding back tears as the stage lights momentarily flare in brilliance. The crowd! The crowd!)”I'm just so flattered. Thank you. I don't know what to say! I'd like to thank the academy, my parents, their parents, Sir Laurence Olivier and Little Debbie snack cakes.”

Apple Design Awards 2008

(scroll to the bottom of the page for the iphone section)



That's right… it appears that OmniFocus for the iPhone is both cutting-edge and well dressed. We're super proud of this and can't wait to get it out there so that folks can start using it. Let's have a big round of applause for the team working on the iPhone app. They've been working serious amounts of crazy to get this ready and I am constantly picking my jaw up off the floor when they still, somehow, manage to find time to sneak in some really cool new feature.



For those of you that haven't seen the OmniFocus for iPhone preview page, take a look now. More coming soon.

OmniFocus Sync: It's ALIVE

by Ethan on May 9, 2008

If coding were furniture making, we'd have heard the sounds of intense hammering, sawing, planing, the tap tap tap of the chisel, and, I suspect, occasional splintering and smashing of prototypes from Tim's office over the past few months. Sawdust would have piled high to the rafters and we would have stood outside the craftsman's door, waiting for the masterpiece to emerge.

In reality of course we heard mostly the gentle sounds of typing, muffled wails and occasional high volume electronica beats early in the morning, but masterpiece is the right word for the result.

Here's a shot of the prefs pane from the alpha build of OmniFocus that is, right now, this very minute, running on my desktop. I can now leave my laptop at home and have all my data sync up using not one, not two, but three different sync options.

Click the image below to view LIFE SIZE.Sync Lives!

Still internal alpha for now, but we're planning on having this in the public sneaky peek before the release of Duke Nukem Forever or whenever Ken gets tired of waiting for it to be done.

New OmniFocus Basics video

by Ethan on February 15, 2008

New to OmniFocus? Already using it but confused about the basics? We've got something for you: the new OmniFocus Basics video. In it you will witness the ancient struggle of a lone man in the wilderness as he struggles to overcome insurmountable odds. Ok, ok, not actually that. But you will witness how to manage your actions and goals. And if your goals include “overcoming insurmountable odds” or “struggling against nature” then there is drama aplenty in store for you, my friend.You can find the video in a couple formats on the OmniFocus page or jump to them directly now: