The Omni Group expands fighting force of extraordinary magnitude

We're looking for a couple of good ninjas; support ninjas, specifically.

The jobs section of our website warns that “we have two warm-blooded animals (plus a lot of fish) in the building”, which confuses me greatly. Apparently all this time I've been working with iguanas, or possibly skinks. Also, we have one office cat, but maybe we also have a guinea pig, or something? WHY HAS NO ONE TOLD ME OF THE GUINEA PIG.

Anyway. We're hiring! You must be able to tolerate iguanas, fish, cats, guinea pigs, and probably wallabies in order to work here. Here's all the relevant info.

(Update: I've been informed that birds are warm-blooded. Hmmmm, so that's what all the squawking from upstairs is…I thought it was an ongoing WoW game that occasionally got out of hand.)