Omni Ninja team grows; sharpens throwing stars

Ahoy the blog! It's been a while since we posted any news outside of our software updates, and boy, we've had thousands of emails about this. Oh, the piteous cries from readers who have been wondering when someone – dear god, ANYONE – at Omni will get off their hind ends and post something unrelated to product development news on their … uh, product development news blog.

Okay FINE so this hasn't happened. You never call, you never write, apparently you just want “useful content” that provides “information”. Well, that's a downright shame, because I could so totally be wasting your time with, say, links to brain-searingly awesome videos, or time-sucking quizzes.

In actual company news, you might be interested to know that Omni has expanded its team of REAL Ultimate POWER!!! Support Ninjas. Our Support Ninjas are trained in many deadly arts, including the ability to tell you why your copy of OmniFocus has turned pink and smells like fennel. Seriously, if your Omni product does the fennel thing – which is of course a feature and not, ha ha, a bug – you can email us, and there's this whole group of friendly smart people ready to help you out. Just hit the Send Feedback option in the Help menu and your mail will be answered by actual living breathing humans.

We're hiring in some other areas, too, and you're always welcome to visit our creatively-titled “Want Work?” page if you think you'd be a good addition to the Omni team. One question you might ask yourself is, if I'm shuffled out to the office parking lot when the building alarm goes off, do I pass the time before the fire engines arrive by quickly assembling a radio-controlled model helicopter?


If so, you may fit right in.