OmniWeb 5.9.x sneaky peeks now available!

In case you missed the news last week, OmniWeb is now free!

But that doesn't mean that we've stopped developing OmniWeb: we've been posting new sneaky peek builds of the upcoming OmniWeb 5.9.1 release nearly every day since that announcement. If you hop on over to OmniWeb's sneaky peek page and check out the latest release notes, you'll see that we've added support for three-finger swipes on recent laptops, made the tab drawer automatically close when you return to a single tab, fixed the Amazon rating system bug, reimplemented speech input and the Summarize toolbar item, and more!

We've also gotten pretty far with integrating the new Safari 4 beta engine: it's now integrated into our internal builds of OmniWeb 6, and we're bringing that work back to OmniWeb 5 so it can make it into the 5.9 sneaky peek builds.

Come visit OmniWeb's sneaky peek page and see what we've been up to!