OmniOutliner 3.7 final now available

QuickLook support has officially arrived! Hopefully this time with no time bombs :) If you haven't been following the betas, here's some changes for this version:

  • 10.5: QuickLook support. QuickLook previews are dynamically generated with XSLT on the source code using the same transform as the dynamic HTML export. This means you can interact with your outline in the same way with collapsing and expanding sections.
  • 10.5: Added high-res versions of the app, document, and OPML icons.
  • Added support for the OmniFocus protocol so links can be manually typed or scripted.
  • Changed how backups are saved to remove the 16MB file limit imposed by saving to the resource fork that would cause backups to fail silently. The backup is now written out to .OOBK inside the document's file wrapper. *Note: If you modified your file to be flat, the backup will still be saved to the resource fork with the 16MB limit.*

There's also a number of bug, hanger, and crash fixes.

You can find the full release notes here. Go and download it!