OmniOutliner 3.6 released; world becomes more expeditious

Are you a productivity geek?

No, it's okay. You're among friends. This is a safe place. We're….we're all geeks here.

Well, some of us are geeks for American Idol, and frankly, that's far more embarrassing than being a productivity geek. I mean, not that I'm talking about myself. At all.



Productivity geeks are into efficiency, and effectiveness, and other words that begin with “E”. (Like embolism, which is what happens to them if you start rambling about cheesy television shows and using long, tortured parentheticals!) If you're a productivity geek, you probably greatly enjoy colorful charts, to-do lists, and Quicksilver.

And maybe also cellphone/PDA gadgets. OH ADMIT IT.

Anyway, we just released an update to OmniOutliner which should be of interest to geeks and non-geeks alike. Version 3.6 has gone public and we recommend downloading it so you get all the fixes and improvements and general grooviness. It's free, of course, if you own OmniOutliner 3.x or OmniOutliner Professional 3.x, and that includes all you hardware people who got Outliner as a big old fat freebie on your spanky new machine.

OmniOutliner 3.6 Professional provides a little something extra, though, which all productivity geeks should check out: the new version works even better with Kinkless kGTD.

What is Kinkless kGTD, you ask (or for the purposes of this smooth-as-silk segue, I will pretend you ask)? Well, kGTD is a free set of AppleScripts produced by Ethan Schoonover that works with OmniOutliner Professional to create a framework for implementing David Allen's Getting Things Done® task-management methodology.

Whew. That was a mouthful. I hate using words like “methodology”, it makes me feel itchy.

Productivity Geek Extraordinaire Merlin Mann of 43Folders wrote this about kGTD and OmniOutliner: “By combining the stupendous OmniOutliner Pro with a bit of Applescript and pixie dust, KGTD provides a sensible way to manage Projects and Next Actions in one very clever little document. For those of you not already using and loving OO, this is a beautiful chance to see it in action.”

Makes you want to check it out, doesn't it? Hmmmm? *elbow nudge*

Well, you certainly can. You can read more about Kinkless kGTD here. You can grab the new version of OmniOutliner here. You can review the release notes here. You can even read our official press release about 3.6 here (130% less hyperbole!). And you can see an adorable hedgehog here.

Thanks for checking in at the Omni blog, where the news is always…um…presented in a serif typeface.