OmniFocus v1.2 for iPhone is now available!

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Note: Before updating, we recommend that you either synchronize your data with MobileMe or a WebDAV server (even if you're not using OmniFocus for Mac), or that you have a current backup of your iPhone data in iTunes. (That way you won't lose any data if your update is accidentally interrupted!)

Highlights of this v1.2 release:

  • The Nearby view now displays each context as soon as its distance is determined, rather than waiting to figure out the distance to each context before showing any results. It also scrolls much faster.
  • Checkboxes are much easier to touch.
  • When creating a new action, the keyboard appears immediately rather than sliding in after the screen.
  • On the home screen, Settings have moved to the Info button in the bottom right corner.
  • The Reset Database button in Settings will now reset the saved sync password in addition to the database, and will then take you back to the original welcome screen.
  • Syncing automatically compacts the database on a regular basis, but when syncing is not enabled there's now a Compact Database button in Settings. (There's also some text there indicating how many tasks are stored in how many zip files, so you can tell whether your database could benefit from compacting.)
  • Added underlying support for the new autocomplete settings for projects and groups which are coming in OmniFocus v1.6 for Mac.
  • Actions without contexts are no longer considered unavailable.

Please continue to send suggestions or report issues to We appreciate your feedback!