Ethan Schoonover's second OmniFocus screencast

Ethan Schoonover has relaunched his Kinkless website, and has posted a second screencast about OmniFocus:

OmniGroup has let Schrödinger's cat out of the bag and put doubts to rest as to whether it exists or not… it definitely exists. With the beta rolling out slowly but surely, I thought it was a good time to release another video showing you some other neat stuff you can do with OmniFocus.

Click below to watch a ten minute video that talks a bit about sub-projects, nesting sequential sub-projects inside parallel parent projects and even briefly demo's how to change styles.

If you're enjoying Ethan's screencasts, be sure to drop him a comment on his site and let him know! (I know that people here at Omni have been learning new things from watching them. Thanks again, Ethan!)

For those who are wondering whether or not they've already been sent an invitation and it's just slow in arriving: the first batch of 100 invitations went out about eleven hours ago, which means that anyone who confirmed their subscription to the OmniFocus beta mailing list before 2am (Pacific) on October 31 should have received it by now. 100 down, 4,100 to go. Or, um, that's what it was eleven hours ago—it appears we now have 4,874 subscribers, so make that 4,774 to go. Or, uh, 4,893? Or…

Hmm, maybe we'd better send out another batch soon. (Another 100 will bring us up to anyone who confirmed their subscription before 3pm on November 1. Whew, it's nice to be able to report something about this mailing list that doesn't change every five seconds.)