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OmniOutliner 5 for Mac

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Saved Filters Pro

OmniOutliner’s most requested feature! Filter rows based on different criteria: column values, status, note content, and more. You can save each filter to reference later.

Password Protection Pro

Encrypt the documents you’d prefer to stay private. OmniOutliner can now encrypt documents with a password.

Customizable Keyboard Shortcut Sets Pro

Define each and every menu bar option and outline command to feel at home in OmniOutliner.

Distraction-Free Writing

Stay focused on your writing by automatically hiding the toolbar and sidebars in Full Screen mode. You and your words, without distraction.

Document Stats

Get a live view of statistics—rows, words, characters—as you’re typing. Located at the bottom of your document’s window, they’ll move you toward writing goals.

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Built-In Themes & Templates

A beautiful set of themes built in to the app. You’ll never have to think about colors or font choice again...unless you want to.

Full Screen Improvements

Keep your screen clean: temporarily reveal either sidebar by mousing over to the right or left edge of the screen.

Dark Mode

OmniOutliner’s window will adjust its color based on the document’s background color.

And plenty more.

  • Resource Search
  • Touch Bar Support
  • Typewriter Mode
  • Slide-In Sidebars
  • Multiple-Row Focus
  • OPML Mode
  • Excel Export
  • Column Width Improvements
  • Style Preview
Download OmniOutliner 5

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