OmniOutliner 3

for iOS

includes a free 14-day trial


Siri Shortcuts

Siri will suggest activities to you — in Spotlight, on the lock screen, and in Siri Settings — based on your patterns of creating new documents and opening existing documents.

Password Protection Pro

Encrypt the documents you’d prefer to stay private. OmniOutliner can now encrypt individual documents with a password for the sensitive stuff.

A Totally Free Reader

OmniOutliner comes with a completely free 14-day trial, but if you only need to view documents, you can use it free forever.

Omni Automation Pro

Need automation power? You’ve got it. OmniOutliner provides scripting access to nearly every feature in the app with JavaScript. Package your common scripts as Plug-Ins that are compatible with OmniOutliner for Mac, too.

Slide-In Inspectors Pro

Designed to help you move faster than ever before, OmniOutliner 3’s Style and Document Inspectors have been completely rebuilt.

Open in Place

Use the brand new Files app in iOS 11—or any compatible storage provider like iCloud Drive or Dropbox—to edit files, move them to other locations, and store exported files.

Drag and Drop

OmniOutliner 3 comes with support for Drag and Drop. Move text and images from other apps directly into your outline. (Attachments require Pro.)

Printing and PDF Support

Share PDFs and copies of your outline with other people or devices via Mail, Files, “Send to App”, or printing.

Focus & Section Lists Pro

Use the Section List in the Sidebar to see all of your sections, focus on specifics, and move around a lot faster than before.

Built-In Themes & Templates

A beautiful set of themes built in to the app. You’ll never have to think about colors or font choice again...unless you want to.

And a whole lot more.

OmniOutliner 3 is a brand new experience with an incredible starting price for Essentials. But it also comes with a 14-day trial.

Read even more about its features, or download now.