OmniOutliner 3 for iOS

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OmniOutliner 2 for iOS

OmniOutliner is a start-to-finish writing app for iPad and iPhone.

Think, write, and do with the most capable outliner on your most portable devices.

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Smart Columns

Add columns to any document that deserves them. Columns can be used to summarize data—like summing up your monthly budget numbers—or for different types of data, like dates or multiple-choice options.

Audio Recording

Record audio for posterity while you take notes in outline form. The recording is stored inside the document and can be played back to make sure you got everything right.

Import, Export, & Sharing

Bring in outlines or text files from a Storage Provider you’ve already set up, like Dropbox or iCloud. Share different formats (like OPML, HTML, CSV, Word) via email, AirDrop, or through another app.

Hardware Keyboard Shortcuts

OmniOutliner for iOS takes advantage of Hardware Keyboard Shortcuts in iOS. Hold Shift or Command within the app for a complete list.

Document Theming

Create themes to quickly restyle a document. Save a document’s custom styles as a Template and it’s there for later!

Document Templates

Find yourself doing the same thing over and over? Save your multi-column, finally-got-it-just-right document as a template to start the next outline with a tap.

Column Controls

You don’t always need to see every column. Hide the columns that you don’t need to see, or sort your outline based on a column!

Microsoft Word® Export

Export your documents straight to Word (docx)! Select from the Outline format, or a simpler, tabbed outline.


Outlines To Go

Sync your OmniOutliner documents between every Mac and iOS device you use. The backend is Open Source so you can install it on a server you control.

Want a free place to put your outlines? Use Omni Sync Server.


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Sync all of your outlines across your Mac, iPhone, and iPad. Starting at $9.99.

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