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OmniOutliner 3 for iOS

Create perfect outlines with a powerful, productive app.
This is your app for your thoughts, ideas, notes, writing, and more.

Includes free 14-day trial.

What’s New in 3

  • Siri Shortcuts
  • Beautiful Themes
  • Printing & PDF Support
  • Open In Place
  • Omni Automation PRO
  • Password Protection PRO
  • Slide-In Inspector Pro
  • Focus & Section Lists Pro
  • Column Width Improvements Pro
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$49.99 USD


$19.99 USD

Free 14-day trial and OmniOutliner viewer included.

Standard and Pro available as an In‑App Purchase.

World-class phone and email support!

30-day return policy!

What’s Inside OmniOutliner

Password Protection

Encrypt the documents you’d prefer to keep private. OmniOutliner can now encrypt documents with a password.

Beautiful Themes

Bundled with a set of clean, modern themes, you’ll be able to spend your time writing instead of fiddling with font and color choices.

Share With Others

You should tell your friends and colleagues about OmniOutliner, but all of your outlines will be easily shareable in many different formats. Plain text, CSV, Word®, and more.

Smart Columns

Add columns to any document that deserves them. Columns can be used to summarize data—like summing up your monthly budget numbers—or a different type completely, like a multiple choice selection.

Audio Recording

Record audio for posterity while you take notes in outline form. The recording is stored inside the document and can be played back to make sure you got everything right.

Saved Filters

Not only can you instantly search your document for keywords or checked boxes, but with Pro, those filters can be saved in the sidebar.

Slide-in Sidebar

We’ve improved full-screen mode on larger iOS screens by changing the left Sidebar into a slide-in. Now it automatically moves out of your way when making a selection.

Scripting with Omni Automation

Do more than ever before with Omni Automation. Cross-Platform scripting is available on both OmniOutliner for iOS AND Mac.

Your Stuff, Your Sync

Sync your OmniOutliner documents between every Mac and iOS device you use. OmniPresence, iCloud, or any other third party service that works with the file format.

Want a free place to put your outlines? Use Omni Sync Server.

Mac and iOS apps are separate purchases.

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