WWDC 2019 and Our Summer Plans

Ken Case tweeted:

In the wake of WWDC 2019, our top priorities for this summer involve iPadOS/iOS 13:

  • Apps in Multiple Spaces (e.g. two documents or perspectives side by side)
  • Support for the new system-wide Dark Mode

Coming this fall to @OmniFocus @OmniGraffle @OmniOutliner @OmniPlan.

We’ll elaborate…

Multiple Spaces

Multiple spaces — or windows, or scenes — adds a very important capability to iPadOS: you can have, for instance, two OmniGraffle documents open at the same time in a split screen. Or two OmniFocus perspectives.

This is huge for productivity apps — it makes it more likely you can do all your work on an iPad, and we’re excited to be able to support that.

Apple’s page on iPadOS features lists this under “Multiple windows from the same app” (along with other new features).

If you’d like to learn more, there’s an entire WWDC video on the topic you can watch. (Though these videos are mainly for developers, they can still be interesting!)

Dark Mode

People love Dark Mode!

But we already knew that, and that’s why we have a head start: some of our apps already have their own dark mode implementations.

Now that Apple has created a system-wide Dark Mode for iOS, we’ll update our apps to make sure we’re following the principles and design that Apple has created, so that our apps look as great in Dark Mode as you’d expect.

And: we’ve noted that, for some people, Dark Mode is not just cool-looking — it’s an accessibility issue. Apple has always been great at making accessibility easy to implement for app developers, and we appreciate that. It’s important.

For more details about Dark Mode, check out the WWDC video Implementing Dark Mode on iOS. (While meant for developers, it’s still of interest to people curious about how apps work.)

Other Things

There will be compatibility bug fixes, of course, and some other smaller things to do to make sure our apps continue to work great on the upcoming updates to macOS, iOS, and iPadOS.

We have a busy summer! And we’re continuing to work on our other plans, too. Plenty of great new features are still to come. :)

For more WWDC talk, listen to — or read the transcript of — the recently-published episode of The Omni Show on WWDC 2019.