WWDC 2018 Roundup

Omni folks who went to WWDC had a great time! Now that it’s over, and we’re all back in the office, it’s time to review the announcements and do some thinking and discussing. After WWDC each year, we often need to revise our plans to continue to do the very best for our customers.

This year there was nothing like a new programming language, or a big user interface overhaul, since not every year needs to be giant the way some are — but there are plenty of changes and cool new features to think about.

For some initial thoughts, you can listen to the latest episode of The Omni Show (or read the transcript). Recorded live right after the State of the Union on the first day, it features Ken Case and Liz Marley from Omni, Kristina Fox from Intuit, and Paul Kafasis from Rogue Amoeba.

And if you want to see some photos of people having fun, check out Adam Tow’s photos from the James Dempsey and the Breakpoints benefit concert for App Camp for Girls. You’ll spot Ken Case and Brent Simmons — conditional Breakpoints — in a few of those. :)