The Omni Show Debuts

Our new podcast The Omni Show begins with two episodes: an interview with Kristina Sontag, Omni’s Test Manager, and an interview with Curt Clifton, OmniFocus engineer.

The Omni Show’s tag line is “Get to know the people and stories behind Omni’s award-winning productivity apps for Mac and iOS.” It will be interviews, mostly, since we have such a great group of people. From time to time — after an Apple event, for instance — we might produce a roundtable or other kind of special.

Your host is Brent Simmons, engineer at Omni and podcast veteran, whose experience means he can tell a microphone from a pizza, which makes him eminently qualified (though somewhat hungry for pizza).

We aim to keep episodes around half-an-hour or shorter, with no commercial interruptions, and we plan to publish every two weeks, though not strictly.

You can find The Omni Show on Twitter @theomnishow. Let us know what you think!