OmniPlan 3 Enterprise for Mac Available Now

OmniPlan 3 Enterprise for Mac simplifies deployment for customers who want to take advantage of the App Store’s Volume Purchase Program.

(Yes, we previously released OmniGraffle 7 Enterprise for Mac, and this is exactly the same idea.)

For most customers, we recommend our normal edition of OmniPlan. It uses in-app purchases to support free two-week trials, Standard and Pro levels of functionality, and upgrade discounts.

The list price and the functionality of OmniPlan Pro are the same in both apps.

If you have any questions about site licenses, volume discounts, or business or organizational purchases, please email

You can read more about the Volume Purchase Program (and related Apple business and IT topics) on Apple’s site at Apple at Work.

App icon for OmniPlan 3 Enterprise for Mac.