OmniOutliner Updated for iOS 12 with Siri Shortcuts Support

OmniOutliner 3.3 for iOS adds support for Siri Shortcuts and fixes some bugs with printing and PDF and HTML export.

Siri will keep track of your actions and suggest opening existing documents and creating new documents from custom templates, and those suggestions may appear in Spotlight, on the lock screen, and in Siri Settings.

(Note: creating new documents via Siri Shortcuts requires the Pro version for now, since it requires custom templates. In a version coming soon it won’t require custom templates, and then this will work with Essentials too.)

Several bugs were fixed with printing and PDF and HTML export, including layout and color bugs. See the release notes for the full scoop.

(Note: OmniFocus and OmniGraffle were updated for iOS 12 yesterday. OmniPlan will be updated soon.)