OmniKeyMaster: Upgrade Pricing for Mac App Store Customers

Update: Unfortunately, we’ve had to remove OmniKeyMaster from our website and can no longer offer upgrade pricing to App Store customers.

When we first announced our plans for 2013, we mentioned that we would be offering upgrade pricing on new versions of our Mac Apps to those who purchased the previous version from the App Store. Today we’re happy to announce that OmniKeyMaster, the app that makes discounted upgrades for App Store customers possible, is ready for you to download and use.

OmniKeyMaster is a simple app that finds App Store copies of Omni apps installed on your Mac, then generates equivalent licenses from our store - for free. This gives Mac App Store customers access to discounted pricing when upgrading from the Standard edition to Professional, or when upgrading from one major version to the next. Another benefit: since they don’t have to wait in an approval queue, our direct releases sometimes get earlier access to new features and bug fixes. OmniKeyMaster lets App Store customers access those builds, as well.

Note: While OmniKeyMaster lets you take advantage of upgrade pricing in the Omni store, it does not entitle to you to an App Store version of the upgraded app. Due to Apple’s App Store rules, the only way to get a Mac App Store copy of an application is to pay full price.

We’re excited to be able to offer these discounts on our upcoming OS X releases, and invite all of our Mac App Store customers to check out OmniKeyMaster. Even though we don’t have any new versions of our flagship apps to announce this week, you can give yourself a head start by generating upgradable licenses now. There are instructions for using the app on the download page, and we’ve included a short video below. The entire process shouldn’t take more than a few minutes, and our Support Humans are standing by to answer any questions.