OmniFocus Ninja Tricks with David Sparks

by Kris on May 24, 2011

Good things come in threes. Stooges, Musketeers, Supremes. Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Lord of the Rings. Columbus' Ships, Newton's Laws, Caesar's Motto. The list (the one I'm keeping in OmniOutliner for iPad) goes on and on… and the Rule of Three once again proves true for David Sparks' 3-part series of OmniFocus Ninja Tricks from his Mac Power Users Podcast.

In each of the three screencasts David guides you through some essential workflow steps to make the most of OmniFocus. Episode 1 covers the various ways to capture your tasks, Episode 2 delves into the planning process and in Episode 3, he explains the best ways to take action and review. As an attorney, author, and all-around man of many hats, it's pretty safe to say that David is a paragon of productivity. We're delighted to share his trilogy of tricks with you.