OmniFocus 1.7 for iPhone, and an update on OmniFocus for iPad

Hello, esteemed Omni blog readers! We have two bits of news for you today, both OmniFocus-focused. 


OmniFocus 1.7 for iPhone is now available! The big changes are related to iOS 4: the app is now multi-tasking aware, so it's compatible with the fast app switching in iOS 4; database optimizations can now be completed in the background on iOS 4, and OmniFocus 1.7 now uses local notifications to display due alerts when running on iOS 4 (giving you the option to receive alerts for due tasks, even when you're not syncing with a server). 

Also, all the artwork has been refreshed in preparation for that fancy new high-resolution Retina display on iPhone 4. Plus, the app now periodically releases the magical and revolutionary scent of mango. (One of these statements is not true.)

If you're like me and haven't updated your phone yet because you like to wait until everyone else has already done it and you can confirm there are no reports of people saying things like "ARGH MY RINGTONE GOT REPLACED WITH A VUVUZELA", you should grab this latest version of OmniFocus anyway, because it also includes some handy fixes and overall improvements. 

OmniFocus 1.7 for iPhone can be found at your friendly neighborhood App Store.


Some of you have expressed interest in an update on the projected release date for OmniFocus for iPad. Interest has been communicated in a variety of ways: gentle email queries, polite forum discussions, and of course there was that brick that got tossed through our lobby window wrapped in a note reading YOU SAID JUNE YOU DILL-WEEDS WHAT GIVES.

Here's our current plan: we are hoping to submit OmniFocus for iPad to Apple next week, on June 30. I emphasize hoping because it's not a certainty and this date was extracted with great reluctance. Many Bothans died to bring you this information.

We wish you could get your hands on it right now, but as tempting as it is to rush it out the door for all the folks who are waiting for it, there's still work that needs to be done. I've been using the development builds and it's really exciting to see how things are coming together. It's very close to being ready, at this point it's all about fixing the rough edges and working on the UI.

When I say that, I don't want you to get a mental picture of engineers arguing over the pixel placement of one button. I mean, I'm sure that happens—ha ha ha, ENGINEERS—but I'm talking about a giant effort to influence how you feel when you use OmniFocus. This app needs to be more than a place to store your to-dos, you know? It needs to be a pleasure to interact with. It needs to be a place you want to go on a regular basis. It needs to be satisfying

I believe there are some features in OmniFocus for iPad that have the potential to change the way some of us feel about task management. Specifically, for people like me who are lazy about committing to a task manager and repeatedly fall off the wagon, I think this could be the perfect combination of app and device that keeps us engaged.

But we have to do it right. If I don't enjoy opening the app and interacting with it, I won't stick with it. Simple as that.

So, all that's to say: we're close. We're really, really close. This part is mission-critical, though, and we hope you're okay with waiting just a bit longer. We're pretty sure it's going to be worth it.