OmniFocus Updates for Everyone

Spring has sprung and we’ve got a basket full of OmniFocus 4.2 updates, available today for all platforms. (And we do really mean all platforms - with the introduction of OmniFocus for Apple Vision Pro last month, we’ve reached a total of six!)

OmniFocus 4.2 for Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Apple Vision Pro

With OmniFocus 4.2 across the board, everyone using all editions on all platforms gets bug fixes and better performance. More details in a minute.

For anyone running the Pro edition of OmniFocus, this release also introduces some very exciting new custom perspective rules that support filtering based on dates, repeats, and more:

  • New “Has date in range” rule type enables filtering a perspective by assigned date range.
  • New “Is repeating” rule enables filtering repeating tasks.
  • New “Is project, group, or neither” rule type enables filtering for projects or groups.
  • New “Is in single actions list” rule type enables filtering for items in single action lists.

We’re thrilled with the powerful new types of custom perspectives that can be created with these new perspective rules in OmniFocus Pro, and have every reason to think they will be popular! First, these were some of the most frequently upvoted custom perspective feature requests. However, more importantly, the feedback from the TestFlight builds with early adopters has been extremely positive, SOMETIMES WITH HAPPINESS ENTHUSIASTICALLY EXPRESSED IN ALL CAPS. 😄

OmniFocus 4.2 for Mac Screenshot

Also for anyone running the Pro edition of OmniFocus, Omni Automation now supports “Install Links” for simplified Omni Automation plug-in installation. Introduced for OmniFocus 4.1 on Apple Vision Pro, Install Links now brings to the Mac, iPhone and iPad a simple “Look, Tap, and Approve!” mechanism for installing plug-ins. We’re updating our plug-in collections to take advantage of this new feature.

We were thrilled to see OmniFocus for Apple Vision Pro featured in the App Store for Apple Vision Pro last week. Now, OmniFocus 4.2 on Apple Vision Pro includes brand new support for Siri, putting OmniFocus in conversation with Siri.

Like we mentioned earlier, OmniFocus 4.2 also contains a wide range of bugs fixes across all platforms. On Mac, we’ve improved sidebar resizing behavior and addressed a potential data corrupter when editing notes in the Inspector. On iPhone and iPad, we’ve sped performance way up and made a number of important improvements to our VoiceOver support. See the full Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch and Apple Vision Pro release notes for the complete run down of the changes included in OmniFocus 4.2 on each platform.

OmniFocus 4 for the Web

We mentioned six platforms, did we not? That’s because today OmniFocus for the Web is now officially OmniFocus 4! With today’s update, the web UI has been visually and functionally updated to match OmniFocus 4 on other supported platforms. Users of OmniFocus for the Web can now take full advantage of OmniFocus 4 features like flexible lists in Forecast and new grouping options in Tags, as well as the new perspective rules introduced in OmniFocus 4.2, and more!

OmniFocus for the Web Screenshot

As we’ve continued to develop OmniFocus 4, we’ve been pleased with the recognition it has received so far! We mentioned that OmniFocus was recently featured in the App Store for Apple Vision Pro. But the App Store recognition doesn’t stop there—OmniFocus 4 has also been designated an Editors’ Choice app in the App Store across all Apple platforms!

If OmniFocus 4 has also empowered you, leaving an App Store review is a great way to help others discover OmniFocus in the App Store. If you’d like to provide feedback about how OmniFocus 4 could be further improved, our Support team has caught up from the tidal wave of email we received following the OmniFocus 4 launch and would love to hear from you!