OmniFocus Books: One New, One Updated

New book!

Rose Orchard and Ryan Dotson — two very active and knowledgeable members of the OmniFocus community — have written a new ebook: Build Your OmniFocus Workflow. In their words:

This book is a book we’ve written for all users of OmniFocus, from those taking their first steps with the app to those who are experienced and familiar with it. Irrespective of where you fall on this spectrum, you will be facing one truth: you must build your workflow. OmniFocus is a tool, like a screwdriver, that you will use in disparate situations to accomplish a variety of goals. Our work and lives are all quite different to our neighbours’ and thus our workflows will be just as diverse. Fortunately OmniFocus is a really good screwdriver that adapts to work in lots of different ways.

Check it out! On the website there’s a sample chapter you can download and read.

(If you would rather buy it on Apple’s bookstore, it appears that it’s available for pre-order: expected ship date is listed as Dec. 18.)

Updated book!

Kourosh Dini, long-time OmniFocus book author, has published Creating Flow with OmniFocus 3, an update which covers the latest in OmniFocus 3 for Mac and iOS, including tags and enhanced custom perspectives.

Kourosh writes:

Creating Flow 3 was written to offer an “unfolding” approach. You don’t need to go through the whole text to have a working system. In fact, you could just get by with “Getting Started” and be up and running. But if you want to really crush it, you can always turn the page to keep enhancing your system into a more and more powerful machine.

Gabe Weatherheard writes on Macdrifter, in a review, that the book is “well worth the price of admission for anyone using OmniFocus for complex task management.”

Check it out!