Taking OmniFocus 4 to New Dimensions

We have a lot of great OmniFocus 4 news to share today! First and foremost, we are thrilled to announce that OmniFocus 4.1 for Apple Vision Pro is out of TestFlight and available for download in the App Store. But the OmniFocus updates don’t stop there! For customers using OmniFocus 4 on our other supported platforms (and there are many of those platforms now), we’ve got some exciting new releases in development and available for testing. Here’s the latest from Omni Mission Control!

Cleared for Takeoff: OmniFocus 4.1 for Apple Vision Pro

Joining OmniPlan in the Apple Vision Pro App Store, OmniFocus 4.1 is a native app for visionOS that takes OmniFocus 4 to a whole new dimension.

OmniFocus 4.1 for Apple Vision Pro Screenshot

OmniFocus 4.1 for Apple Vision Pro supports all of the functionality introduced in OmniFocus 4.0 natively on this amazing new spatial platform. In OmniFocus for Apple Vision Pro, badge counts truly float over the Perspectives Bar in three-dimensional space, and the Inspector and commonly used buttons have found new homes outside the application window. We’ve also revisited and improved upon some of the design and implementation decisions we made while developing OmniFocus 4. For example, we’ve re-introduced a dedicated Quick Entry button on visionOS, rather than relying on the current double-tap Quick Entry shortcut in OmniFocus 4 for iPhone and iPad. And installing Omni Automation plug-ins is now simpler than ever with the introduction of new Install Links (a feature we’re introducing in OmniFocus 4.1 for Apple Vision Pro and plan to bring to OmniFocus on other platforms in OmniFocus 4.2).

OmniFocus 4 for Apple Vision Pro is free to download on the App Store for Apple Vision Pro, and includes a two-week trial. As OmniFocus 4 provides universal licensing across all your devices, if you have already purchased or subscribed to OmniFocus 4, OmniFocus for Apple Vision Pro will unlock automatically when you sign in with your Omni Account—no additional purchase required!

Now in TestFlight: OmniFocus 4.2 for… Everything!

In addition to fine tuning OmniFocus for Apple Vision Pro, the OmniFocus team has been tracking down and fixing bugs on all already supported platforms. OmniFocus 4.2, now available in TestFlight, includes a number of quality-of-life improvements, such as significantly improved outline performance on iPhone on iPad (adding an item to an inbox with 100+ items is 20x faster in these builds compared to the previous release—not 20% faster, 20x faster), and simplified support for quick installation of Omni Automation plug-ins via Install Link.

OmniFocus 4.2 TestFlight Screenshot

For anyone running the Pro edition of OmniFocus, OmniFocus 4.2 also introduces a new type of custom perspective rule. Custom perspectives can now be set to only display items when assigned dates fall within a specified date range - our most popular custom perspective rule request! With the addition of this functionality, you can now create a perspective which displays only actions deferred until today, a perspective for all birthday gifts due to be delivered in the next two months, and still another perspective which lists all of work items you’ve completed over the last 14 days. This new rule type, along with the rest of this release, is still in active development—please give 4.2 a try and let us know what you think!

Shipping Soon: OmniFocus for the Web Updates

Finally, we have an update to share about OmniFocus for the Web! OmniFocus for the Web has been visually updated to better match OmniFocus 4 on other supported platforms, with new icons and visual enhancements across the web UI. New OmniFocus 4 functionality, like flexible lists in Forecast and new grouping options in Tags, is now also accessible via OmniFocus for the Web. We anticipate releasing this update to all OmniFocus for Web customers in the near future, but if you’d like to take a look at the changes right away, test builds of OmniFocus for the Web are available here.

OmniFocus for the Web Screenshot

An OmniFocus subscription ($9.99 a month or $99.99 for an entire year) unlocks OmniFocus Pro on all supported Apple devices, and includes access to OmniFocus for the Web from any web browser. Alternatively, an OmniFocus for the Web companion subscription is available ($4.99 a month or $49.99 for a year).

For customers who prefer to pay once to unlock OmniFocus 4 on their Apple devices, OmniFocus 4 is available as a one-time, universal, cross-platform purchase ($74.99 for Standard, $149.99 for Pro) that unlocks OmniFocus across Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Apple Vision Pro. Customers who own an eligible previous version of OmniFocus can save 50% with automatic upgrade discounts.

And that’s all the news from the OmniFocus team for now—over and out!