OmniFocus 3.0 for iOS Ship Date: May 30

We’ve set a date! We plan to ship OmniFocus 3.0 for iOS on May 30.

To say we’re excited is an understatement. We think that the new designs, features, and enhancements — tags, for just one thing — add up to a very special release, and we can’t wait to share it with everybody.

You can learn more about what’s coming in 3.0 by reading our 2018 Roadmap and by listening to (or reading the transcripts of) a couple episodes of The Omni Show: one on OmniFocus 3 and tags and one on flexible inspectors, enhanced repeating tasks, batch editing, and the interleaved Forecast view.

Some practical details:

OmniFocus 3.0 will be a free download. After downloading the app and trying it, you can buy the Standard edition for $39.99 and the Pro edition for $59.99. If you buy Standard, you can upgrade to Pro later for $19.99. (All prices quoted are for the US App Store.)

And — as usual — everyone who already owns OmniFocus for iOS will be eligible for a 50% discount when upgrading to v3. (And for those who made a recent purchase of v2 for iOS, the upgrade to v3 for iOS will be free.) Thank you for your support!