Omni On The Road—Macworld 2011

It's that time of year again: the Golden Gate bridge is hitting snooze and the warm glow of Moscone's florescent lights are calling to us, like moths to an energy efficient bulb.

That's right, gang—Omni's going to Macworld.

If you, like us, are headed to San Francisco later this week, please feel free to stop by! Ask questions, pick up a little swag, take our apps for a test drive (iPad too!), or check out one our many presentations from David Sparks, Merlin Mann, and members of the Omni Staff. (You can find the schedule here.)

We're really excited to put in some face time with you guys and show off what we've been up to here in the Pacific Northwest. We're going to be sending real, live Omni-ites Omni-ans Omni-ers Omni-vores Omni folk to chat with real, live Omni users like yourself (and those who might be curious, of course).  If you've ever sent us support email or a love letter, you might put a name with a face! While these ladies and gents are on the show floor, please keep in mind that they won't be able to answer email so support response time might be a bit longer than usual.

We're looking forward to going and hope to see you there!