Omni Group’s new website design

If you're not reading this via RSS, you may notice that things look a bit … different around here. It's not just the blog that got a facelift—after many many years of the same website design, we have finally made some big changes to good old

Our main goal was to re-engineer the site so that even us non-technical folks could update it, and if you're interested in the behind the scenes stuff, it's running on Expression Engine. The secondary goal was to spruce up the content and make everything, you know, shinier. A big public thank you needs to go out to our graphics guru, Grayson West, and web-ninjas-for-hire, Blue Flavor, for working through endless revisions and not throttling anyone during the process.

We have plenty of things we plan to add to the site, and we're still working on updating our online store, but we're pretty happy with the new look and feel. We hope you like it too.