Macworld 2011—A Post-Mortem

As you may have heard, we were once again bit by the Macworld bug. It was great to see those who could make it in the flesh and hear what's going on inside those those big brains of yours! If you missed any of our talks, or you'd like a refresher, you can find them here.

Chalk it up to sleep deprivation, dehydration, or blood pooling in our lower extremities (thus starving our thinking-meat of oxygen), but somewhere on day two (or 28) of the conference, something happened. It was something so… so… terribawesome that not sharing the results of our pre-show time-wasting Idle Hands experience would be a great disservice to the not-yet-undead segment of humanity.

Okay. You get it. We're zombies. (Subtlety? Not my forte.) And—fair warning—we make quite frightening zombies. Especially Brain. I mean Brian! And Lotus the cat.

Drag your feet if they're still attached cursor here to watch a thing that is scary and silly (but more scary than silly).