New Cool T-Shirts! Some With Cats!

To celebrate the release of OmniFocus 3 for iOS, we’ve got new T-shirts — and art prints, mugs, stickers, and more — available now at our new store on Society6!

OmniFocus 3 Classic and Cool

Show off how you accomplish more every day by wearing the classic OmniFocus 3 checkmark T-shirt. Be the person who has it all together and who is wearing a big purple checkmark. Which is pure bonus. But maybe, just maybe, it’s that extra jet propulsion you need to get you through each day. Better buy two, just in case!

T-shirt with a purple OmniFocus checkmark

Or buy one that’s just the checkmark and another one with the name OmniFocus 3 nicely printed below the checkmark.

T-shirt with a purple OmniFocus checkmark and with the OmniFocus 3 word mark

OmniFocus 3-Eyed Cat Carries Snake Friend

When, in the course of human events, it becomes necessary to create an OmniFocus T-shirt that’s a three-eyed purple cat with a snake and some roses, well — we’ve got you. We’re on it. We did it. And we think you’ll agree that this is exactly what you need right now.

T-shirt with a three-eyed purple cat carrying a snake that’s covered in roses

OmniFocus 3 Cool Cats

Will using OmniFocus make you as chill as these cool cats?

Yes, probably. Checks out. Get the T-shirt and show the world how you feel when your trusted to-do app has you feeling chill and groovy and ready for a coffee or a catnap.

T-shirt with three cool cats who use OmniFocus


Among The Omni Show’s consistent quirks is the host yelling “Music!” at the beginning and end of each episode — which is entirely because, Brent claims, the show’s opening and closing scripts say “-Music-” and he didn’t know what to do SO HE YELLED IT.

At least this way the show’s intrepid producer Mark Boszko knows where to edit-in the music. So it’s quirky and functional, like the T-shirt itself. Which you should go get.

T-shirt with the word Music in an ’80s style